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Nov 24, 2012 4:00pm PST
to rest while wanted man is finally captured after a violent crime spree in san jose. >> the widening extent of damage after a gas explosion in massachusetts. and the president and his daughter take part in a holiday shoppingeded trip. >> i will never, ever get over this. >> ama: the innocent victim of a violent south bay crime spree is laid to rest today by his families and friends. a funeral service was held for the young man who was shot and killed in an attempted carjacking last friday. lawyer pettiford was 22 years old. one person has been arrested and now they have caught his alleged partner. here's more. reporter: on that alleged partner is only 15 years old. san jose detectives developed information that led them to an apartment complex in the east bay where they arrested that 15-year-old boy yesterday. the news broke as a lot of people were celebrating the life of the 22-year-old man who was killed. >> hugs and tears outside the campbell funeral home where dozens of friends and family members shared memories of 22-year-old rory park pettiford, the young man caught null the sa
Nov 10, 2012 4:00pm PST
. >> good afternoon. this is just in from san jose place. the man wanted as a suspect in the death of his wife has been found dead. officers tell us they found the body of troy nosenzo in his car this morning off highway 129. the cause of death is believed to be an overdose of sleeping pills. patricia was found dead inside her home friday morning. police said they previously had many trips to the home for domestic violence calls. >>> our other top story, the weather. let's take a live look outside. this is mt. diablo. a sunny day but it didn't feel like it with freezing temperatures in spots overnight. snow in the sierra. this is a look at heavenly. higher elevations received up to 18 inches of snow. frigid temperatures have allowed ski resorts to frank up the snow making machines. let's get the latest on the cold weather from meteorologist leigh glaser. >> you see for yourself much of the bay area is seeing clear sky right now. we are sweeping live. a few clouds still starting to move right right near the coasti think the clear ski will bring up very cold temperatures tonight. in fact a
Nov 17, 2012 4:00pm PST
27th. >>> the search continues in san jose for a robbery suspect, after taking police on a pursuit and injuring an officer. the officer was treated and released. he was either hit by glass or a bullet fragment when a pair of robbery suspects opened fire. another officer fired back and shot one of the suspects. he was captured but a second suspect has not been found. the two are accusessed of four armed robberies yesterday. >> san santorum -- san jose police are looking for a man involved in a shooting. it happened at 9:00 last night. police say this is san jose's 42nd homicide of the year. >> in oakland, police are investigating the city's 109th 109th homicide of the year. is happened at 1:00 a.m. the oakland tribune roortz 27-year-old man died. neighbors called police after hearing gunfire. police have mo suspect or motive. >>> a final return home today for a san jose marine who was shot and killed by palm springs police. the family of 22-year-old corporal allen da iv iana is bringing his body back to san jose. he was shot and killed during a confrontation with police inside a par
Nov 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
left out overnight. >> police are investigating the 40th homicide of the year in san jose. the mercury news reports that san jose's homicide rate i news at a 16-year high. police received calls that a student victim was taken to good sam marry -- samaritan hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> four people are expected to survive after being shot in menlo park. they were standing outside when another group came and opened fire. there were 30 or 40 shots fired. one victim's mother says her son was hit four times but should recover. police are looking for a black honda and blacking a cure conclude blacking a cure are. >> it's nonstop for president obama and mitt romney. they're making multiple stops in multiple states. here's a report from washington. reporter: the final sprint to election day for mitt romney and president obama. the president started the day with a brief pause in politics, visiting fema headquarters for an update on super storm sandy recovery efforts. from there a trip to four states. his first stop, ohio-his message why hi deserves four more years. >> we know our id
Nov 6, 2012 8:00pm PST
in san jose raising minimum wage from 8ss today $10 an hour. >> let's focus now on some of the social media become such a huge part of the election like never before, really. >> candidates and others are turning to this. abc 7 news is following it all and joins us live from the newsroom. >> as voting wraps up, waiting game begins as you just saw just a moment ago. on twitter the state of ojai yes is trending nationally and here in the bay area. let's me tell you comedians are having a field day with this. boys comedy tweets ohio and florida haven't been this important since lebron left, referring to lebron james, and one says wow, ohio stretch it out. all eyes on you. drama queens she says and brian allen says breaking news, cnn reportingfa ohio is 75% doubt. remember our ipad app has all of the live results. you can down load that for me free. >> abc 7 news will bring you latest results throughout the night. stay with us. >> you can get realtime results on abc 7 >> announcer: "your voice, your vote," from times square, new york, once again, diane sawyer and george stephanopo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5